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With constructive concepts typical of an architect, the artist travels a journey where it is necessary to take into account the calculations, the precision, the preparatory sketches, the balance of the forces and tensions, the study of the parts that form the final structure, so that each one of them stands out without detracting from the others, and integrate into a quasi-symphonic harmony. A work that is recreated from professional and personal experience, where her vision is crossed by the deep understanding of the dialogues between the materials, the textures, the chromatic effects, the space and the way in which each one of the hundreds of small objects-pieces intertwine, literally, creating a plastic fabric which, likewise, feeds from the field of textile resources to cook the pieces and form a visual spectrum of an impeccable aesthetic richness.




An artwork that is related to the kinetic but also plays with the effects created by the lights interlaced in the different layers. An artwork that knows how to combine technology with the presence of French paper fibers, the frame used as a loom, the hand that embroiders and the eye that reads in depth and accommodates the pieces strategically guided systematically. This is a series that deserves to be taken into account, its dedication awakens respect and amazement, all accompanied by an elegant touch. And all subject to a structure where a simple cut in the right place collapses in a second an absolutely unique and unrepeatable universe. As in life itself.


María Carolina Baulo

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