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¿What do you see when you see yourself?

A series of elaborate artworks that link the architectural and textile dimension in the same language. They are made from mirrors that reflect our own fragmented image in an optical order of geometries and colors.

In the making, that implies having to previously consider not only the final image of the artwork, but also the images that will be reflected on it. They are an experience to be lived by a perception that is drawn as a constant way back and forth between the artwork and the viewer.

The mirrors and the three-dimensionality enable several points of view that are continuously modified as we move ourselves in front of the work. The artwork is open and willing to mutate as much as its surroundings. The perspectives are added and expanded, never limited, they are dynamic. Its views are endless, like that river that's never twice the same. And only its experience is activated when contemplated, like that tree that only makes noise if it's heard in the forest.

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